Gem Tech Patrolman suppressor 5.56mm full auto rated, I-34816

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Gem Tech Patrolman suppressor 5.56mm full auto rated, I-34816

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OPTIMIZED FOR SHORT BARRELS AND HARD USE The Gemtech Patrolman is part of the Extreme Duty line of suppressors. These suppressors adhere to the strict SOCOM Military standards. The direct thread Gemtech Patrolman is optomized for use on short barreled and full auto firearms, with an updated inconel baffle stack to add both strength and durability over previous models. Rated for 5.56 NATO, it is only 5.7" long and 12.3 ounces due to it's light weight Titanium tube but still has an impressive 29 dB reduction. The Gemtech Patrolman is rated for barrels down to 10.3." OPINION Short, light, and simply. The combination of Inconel and titanium makes the Patrolman a strong suppressor without the normal weight associated with cans in it's class. Full-auto rated for barrels down to 10.3", it is right at home on most duty rifles, home defense rifles, or short 5.56 firearms to enjoy at the range. In many cases, simplicity is better--- and the Gemtech Patrolman agrees with this statement. FEATURES 29 dB reduction Full-auto rated Rated down to 10.3" barrels Titanium tube 5.7" long 12.3 ounces INCLUDED Suppressor Storage pouch Instruction manual

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